Friday, January 9, 2015

Lahaina, Maui

Hi Dear Folk,

Here we are on Monday in Lahaina, Maui.  We had to take the early shuttle from the hotel at 7:00AM, even though our flight did not leave until 10:00AM so a bit of a wait, but it was soon filled with bumping into more friends, flying in from Maui and Kauai for the second convention.

After getting our rental care, which you can see below, and very nice it was too; we passed by Krispy Kreme, remember the Krispy Kreme Mr. B. and I stopped at on the way up to Ithaca, well here was the identical one in Kahului.  We decided to stop off and treat ourselves to a donut and coffee.  I bought a travel mug for Mr. B. and if you buy a mug you get a free coffee, so now he has a Maui travel mug, from Krispy Kreme.

On our way to our condominium we stopped at Lahaina, it was just early afternoon.  As we were talking to each other by the car about finding a place to eat, on old hobo, if you have to be a hobo, Maui would be the place to be one, he said try up there, it's owned by a member of Fleetwood Mack.  We looked up to a third floor roof with umbrellas and said we would try it and thanked him for his suggestion.

Before going to lunch we walked up and back looking at the shops and just absorbing the atmosphere and the blue, blue sea, blue sky and just the fragrance of being.

So here we are at the Fleetwood Mack Restaurant, actually I do not know what the name is, maybe it is that.  We are on the roof, the second floor is also part of the restaurant.  The roof was decked out in Indian style and you know I love that.

Here I am drinking my coconut drink.  This time of day all drinks are half price.  We also ordered some lunch.  I had barbeque pulled pork on pita, very good, served on an oblong wood board.  It was quite quiet and we enjoyed that.  The fabric covered sofa that went all around was so nice.

We sat back, and said, we didn't think it gets much better than this, what a moment to hold and remember.

Looking down the main street at some of the shops.

The restaurant is the second floor and roof of this building.

We were glad we stopped here that day, because although we did go back to Lahaina, it was in the evening and the sun sets at 6:30PM.



  1. What a great location for lunch.

  2. Looks lovely! Did Mr. B like his Maui Krispy Kreme travel mug. The merging of two wonderful places!
    Thinking of you!


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