Monday, January 26, 2015

The Road You Should Not Drive To Hana On, Maiu

Hi Dear Folk,

I'm going to take you on the Road to Hana.  This is a quite famous drive and one conjures up all kinds of images as to what Hana looks like.  Maybe it's all those Bob Hope movies the Road to Morocco.  In all honesty though it's not the destination, but the road. 

You can drive this in a big loop when you look at the map, but the southern part of the drive is on a dirt road and all the rental agencies say don't drive it and all the travel agencies say don't drive it, but all our friends said drive it, so we did and we're so glad we did, because the scenery is totally different to the northern part of the drive. 

I thought that I would include a map, so the purple section is where they say not to drive, all my photos in this post are on that section of the road.  We left the western side of the island where we were staying and by about 7:00AM were on the road heading south. You must get an early start or you will never do the whole drive in one day and even then you cannot see all you would like to stop and see.  The best thing to do would be to stop in Hana for the night, but the cheapest room in that area is over $300 per night, so most people do it in one day.  Or one can camp.

This is the beginning of the drive, all this land you see is mostly ranches, except for the town along the shoreline.  It truly is a feast for the eyes and senses.

Poinsettia bushes which grow wild on the island, butterflies dancing all over them.

A lava rock wall.

Here it is very green and lush.

All those little volcanoes.

You move out of that verdant area into this, all lava rock, but still the beauty of wild flowers and grasses flowing with the wind.

You can see it is very windy along this side of the island.

Still some ranches but more barren.

Now here if someone had dropped me on this road blindfolded and I had opened my eyes I would have thought that I was up in the highlands of Scotland or on the Isle of Skye, the scenery is so similar on this section of the road and I have been on the Isle of Skye when it has been this sunny and looked just like this.

We were so happy that we had added this section of our road to the drive to Hana.



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