Wednesday, January 7, 2015

"Keep Seeking God's Kingdom First" International Convention Honolulu

Hi Dear Folk,

Now if I can only but remember where all these dear folk are from.

The Philippians

At the Convention Center

Walking back to our hotel, we had to cross this busy intersection and every body would be gathered here


Mexico and Spain

Lima, Peru
In the English speaking congregation, so I was able to converse with these dear friends

Didn't have to figure that one out



I recognize the black and white woven hats, because I was given a lovely pair of black and white woven earrings

Now Peru was very interesting because of the diversity of dress

Matchu Pitcchu area

Japan and I think Venezuela not sure

Lunch is served

Eating lunch al fresco on the top floor at the convention center which is open air

The plumera is to be seen all over and is one of their state flowers, a beautiful fragrance, these bushes were growing up there in the roof gardens


Now if only we could come up with a traditional dress for England;  Scotland, Wales and Ireland have one Hawaiians do too.

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  1. Lovely happy pics. Was thinking myself what is English National dress. At Twickers we did have visitors from USA in cowboy hats so you could have done that!


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