Thursday, January 8, 2015

Duke's Restuarant Honolulu

Hi Dear Folk,

My last posting for our time spent on Oahu, unless I come up with some photos I have forgotten about.

I'm meant to get together with Barb my traveling companion to take a look at each other's photos, should be fun.

Here we are Saturday Evening, spent with friends we had met and they suggested Duke's here it sits on Waikiki Beach, just down from where we watched the Hawaiian dance show.

The food is very good, the salad bar is a meal on itself.  Here are a couple of not so in focus photos.  The light was pretty low.

We all had fish, well you have to when on an island.  The name of this fish escapes me, but I'm thinking the name was Opah.  It was delicious.  Unfortunately one in our group did not have a good piece and since we all had the same and we looked like we were totally enjoying it, he thought it was him, but eventually he said something and his wife tasted it and sure enough it must have been a bad piece.  Obviously he did not have to pay for it, and we did get a giant Hula Pie dessert free, a shame though.  Everything really was lovely at Duke's, including a couple with a guitar going around and serenading each table with your special request.

Duke's sits right on the Waikiki Beach, the back part of the restaurant is open air.

This is our little group of girls from Michigan, Pennsylvania and Oregon.

Waiting to catch the late night shuttle back to our hotel where we bumped into more friends.

Goodbye Waikiki.


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  1. Looks lovely and it must have been great bumping into friends wherever you went.


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