Thursday, January 8, 2015


Hi Dear Folk,

When I left the house this morning it was in a single digit Fahrenheit, and will stay there for a few days yet.  A couple of days ago we had a light snowfall and of course it is still around because of the cold.

I did venture out last night because I was invited over to Samone's apartment to learn three new songs that we are going to sing tonight at the meeting, so we had a little practice session and a lot of fun trying to take a selfie (they obviously haven't added selfie to spell check, but I'm sure it's in the English language now) with one of those stick things that holds your iPhone.  Don't ask me anything about it because I haven't a clue.  You know I only got a $9.99 Tracfone from Walmart a couple of months ago, but I can aspire to own an iPad which I use absolutely all the time, so don't feel quite so out of it.  Also I probably don't want to pay the monthly fees associated with that kind of phone, I'm a bit Spartan on that front.

Then my friend proceeded to get out her tiny photo printer, on which you print up photos from your iPhone, now this was interesting to me as you know how much we like our photography.  One day maybe.

I woke up this morning feeling that I'm coming down with something, but it's marvelous what an Excedrin can do for one.

Still crocheting my fingerless mitts, but seem to have a problem when it comes to making a pair of something, I had the same problem with the socks, even though I follow the pattern, the second piece always seems to land up a different size to the first piece, and I can only think that I must change my tension as I crochet from one piece to another, it's really bugging me, but I guess practice makes perfect.

Not to much happening, just hunkering down with the cold, and keeping the home fire burning.

Sorry about the non winter banner, but I'm reliving Hawaii as long as I can, maybe until next spring.

Take care,


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  2. Hope you feel better! Were the prints nice from the tiny printer? I love the ones I get from social print media...i love that they are tiny and I love the colors and paper. I don't love the wait but don't mind too much.
    I enjoy my iphone so much. It is like a very portable ipad. I have the bible wherever I go. And photos of my friends and family. And Instagram. I can look up anything I want....anywhere. Plus call and text...which i use less often. That being is expensive!


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