Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The Road to Hana a Journey

Hi Dear Folk,

Back on the road to Hana.  Less than half way the scenery starts to change again, that's what I love about an island so much change in such a short distance.

Another ranch and a few dwellings, one would need to be very self sustained here, because it's probably a two hour drive to the nearest shops.

This place was a kind of shop museum, we really couldn't make it out.  A family lived here with children.  They hardly sold anything and you were never going to make a living from that.  Were they paid to be the custodians of the little museum, preserving it and taking care of it, so nothing become vandalized?  The husband who was much older than his wife, spoke about how all roads came together for them to live here.  The shop had originally been founded by a couple of Chinese immigrant brothers.  For sure the children were home schooled, it's a conundrum.

Now this might be why they say not to drive this road, I think it's mostly because you have no cell phone contact along this road and there could be flash floods.

You can see we are now entering the lush rain forest area.  Land of the White Misty Rain.

To be continued.


P.S.  I have a Hawaiian calendar, by my desk and we are in the month of IANUALI

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  1. What an interesting journey. The rusting cars give a scarey message!


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