Sunday, November 13, 2016

What's Up Weekend

Hi Dear Folk,

It's been a lovely weekend sunny and low key.  The Boy had a Miata agenda to work on his passenger window which was quite stiff, winding up and down, so another job off his list. The car sat out all night with no window in so good job it was a nice weekend and he's more trusting than I am.  His dad helped him get the glass back in today.  He still has to put his new speakers in.

Acorn heaven for squirrels.

Japanese maple.

Did get my geraniums in.

And my bougainvillea.

Indian cotton throws, so seventies.

Low autumn light.

No it's not a baby hat, it's meant to be a sock, rather on the large size I think, but I've unravelled it so many times getting the cable stitch correct, bit of trial and era, that I'm not starting again.  If I like the style I'll make another pair.  I can always wear these as over socks, in very cold weather.  I am at least happy with the braided cable stitch now.



  1. That son of yours is so handy, I love how he takes such good care of his car. We are acorn heaven here right now too. They are squished all over my driveway. Have a great week.

  2. Its great that Rob tackles all these jobs on the car. It saves a fortune in garage fees. My geraniums are snug indoors too. Oversocks are good for the winter.


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