Thursday, November 17, 2016

#20 Massachusetts State Quilt Square

Hi Dear Folk,

I was trying to precis my thoughts on Massachusetts.  For us to drive there is about four hours to the state line and five hours to Boston. My most vivid image of Massachusetts, well really of Cape Cod, the peninsular area, was on a very bright day flying back from England and I looked out of the plane window and there was Cape Cod below me, looking just like a laid out map.

The name Massachusetts can be segmented as "mass-adchu-s-et" where mass is 'large', adchh is 'hill', s is a diminutive suffix meaning 'small', and et is a locative suffix, identifying it as a 'place.'  Of course it's named after the indigenous people by the first Pilgrims and is considered part of the New England area.  So many names are from England.  In fact many of the original settlers came from the East Anglia area of England and this is reflected in the names, including Haverhill, where my sister lives in England, also Wethersfield where my mum grew up and there was an American Air Base there during WWII, and of course Boston.

My husband's family came over here in 1638, and the furthest his family have traveled west as settlers so to speak is us in Pennsylvania.  Most of the family still living in Vermont, after having settled for a while in New Hampshire and Massachusetts.  I guess we just can't leave that North East Atlantic area.

I do like to think about what their life was like, remember the Mayflower only landed in 1620.  Were they around for King Philip's War, or the Boston Tea Party, or did they just get on with their lives, being farmers?

Well in any case here is the state quilt square for Massachusetts.


P.S. I unraveled those socks, you knew I would right?  If only I had known I would.

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  1. I flew over that area too and it was amazing. I have long wanted to visit Boston. The Boston tea party is one of the few bits of school history that remains quite clear in my mind. There was a USAF base in Wethersfield after the war as Pauls parents bought a bungalow on the edge of the base and we had to drive through it to get to the bungalow. It is fascinating to think of our ancestors being part of famous historic events. Mr B may be more English than you!!


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