Friday, November 11, 2016

Tomb Stones, Teasels and Treas

Hi Dear Folk,

Nothing is more retrospective than walking through a grave yard of tomb stones.  It makes you distill things down to the basic, family, friends and faith.


I've listened:  and all the sounds I heard
Were music,—wind, and stream, and bird.
With youth who sang from hill to hill
I’ve listened: my heart is hungry still.

I’ve looked: the morning world was green;
Bright roofs and towers of town I’ve seen;
And stars, wheeling through wingless night.
I’ve looked: and my soul yet longs for light.

I’ve thought: but in my sense survives
Only the impulse of those lives
That were my making. Hear me say
‘I’ve thought!’—and darkness hides my day.

Siegfried Sassoon

A walk in the woods.

And by teasel field.



  1. I like the poetry and the teasel field. I actually like walking in grave yards. We always used to do it on our family holidays as it really connects you to the past.

  2. Graveyards are so peaceful. I like the British ones with their green grass and a bench or two to sit and contemplate


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