Friday, November 25, 2016

Japaneses Straight Stitch Work on a Crazy Quilt

Hi Dear Folk,

It's been a contemplative quiet time off, grey skies, writing letters, listening to BBC Radio and crocheting.  I did get some jewelry drawers sorted out, which I had promised myself I would get to for a while.  I have all these lovely broaches, but always seem to be in too much of a rush to find the one I want, so now they are all laid out and that gave me room to lay out my earrings, and now with one quick look I can find what I want without routing through.  Yippee!

I do love patch work quilts, but I just like to quietly sit and hand sew, come at put it down, pick it up when the mood takes me, so something irregular without a pattern suits me, hence a crazy quilt.  Just uses up all those odd bits of fabric.

I like the rhythm of feather stitch.

Something that caught my eye in one of my needlework books was Japanese straight stitch, and on a crazy quilt if you want to add Japanese stitches you can.  I like the rippled affect it gives like the sand on the waters edge, rippled by the waves.



  1. I think I like the feather stitch best!

  2. I like your crazy quilt. So much more interesting than 'cute' colours and streamlined patterns

  3. Sorting my jewellery is on my to do list. Like you i want to see it all at a glance. I love your crazy quilt. I prefer hand sewing too.i will have to look up the Japanese stitch.


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