Sunday, November 13, 2016

End of Summer and Autumn Hangs On

Hi Dear Folk,

We are having such wonderful weather long into the season and the leaves on the trees seem to have lasted, no gales or terrible squalls to knock them all off.

Mums and pumpkins are quintessentially the autumn American scene and I love it, every nuance of shade on a mum, every shape of all those pumpkins, squash and gourds.  I had pumpkin soup last night with toasted pumpkin seeds in, so good.

I came home one evening from work to an agglomeration of flowers.  Mr. B. had filled four vases from what was still blooming in the garden and told me I must leave them in the assigned vases as much thought had gone into this, so here we are.

The above vase was his mum's a beautiful rose color, I would say depression era vase.

A Japanese teapot.

This vase was also his mum's and I think had much use, as it is a little chipped around the top, but is a great shape, you cannot actually see the pretty glass bottom on this which is round with bubbles in.

It's all the more poignant to have these as Mr. B's, mum died when he was four.



  1. I have a huge squash which fell off the table and will have to be used up. I'm going to make soup tonight. Love pumpkin soup. Pretty arrangements in their meaningful vases

  2. I love the autumn picture. This is how I will always think of the USA. We only see one type of pumpkin for a few weeks before halloween then that's it apart from the shells of the carved ones kicking around the streets. I'm impressed with Mr. B's flower arranging and the amount of flowers still around. My cleome has long since gone.


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