Saturday, November 12, 2016

R. Atkinson Fox

Hi Dear Folk,

And so too a gentler time where one becomes lost in nostalgia of beautiful gardens, hollyhocks and roses and little thatched cottages, fountains, lakes and ladies in flowing Grecian gowns, such is the Golden Age of illustration of R. Atkinson Fox,

The first one I ever bought was at a thrift, must be over thirty years ago, just because I loved the print and it wasn't until much later that I began to realize that this was a certain artist belonging to a certain school of art.  Over the years I have added to this collection until now it covers almost an entire wall in my sitting room.  They come from all over, a trip to Bar Harbor, Maine, Salisbury, Maryland, Ottawa, Ontario and many other places.  Not all Atkinson Fox but of that school.

So when I saw this little beauty for $2.75 well why not.



  1. The Style is good for the soul, very pleasing to look at

  2. The sort of picture I could just sit and look at for a while. I looked Fox up and found some interesting information about him. You might want to check out the post in The Thrift Shop Romantic blog.


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