Thursday, November 10, 2016

Scavenger Hunt at the Natural History Museum, New York City

Hi Dear Folk,

Last week we traveled up to our NYC office for a Team Building Scavenger Hunt.  Here we are in the lobby area finding the groups we have been assigned to.  We were named the Clueless Group, I'm not sure who in our group chose that as I was the only Pennsylvanian.

We all had Metro passes and were on a quest to find thirty items at the Natural Science Museum which is by Central Park.  All the group had to stay together and had to take a selfie in front of the found object.

Here is our group in front of an emu. Lighting was low, so sorry for bad pic. We found twenty-seven items out of the thirty.  One had been removed, one you couldn't get to because of a special dinner event, that looked pretty swanky and one which only one group found.  So we didn't do badly.  We walked about four miles in the museum, and I think I did pretty good, considering that most my group was half my age, and you know what knowledge does count for something.

Two of our group in the Subway on our ride back to the office,  Lester and Samanta, Anna is the other side of the door.

Afterwards a private room at Jack Doyle's Pub for drinks and finger food.  I plonked myself at the upstairs bar and ordered an IPA, never tasted better.

Waiting to see if we actually won anything.


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