Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Shenandoah National Park, Virginia

 Hi Dear Folk,

I can't believe it's November 1st.  We've been having some beautiful weather again, up in the eighties, as it was for last weekend.  I managed to get out in the yard for a bit and bring in many of my terracotta and china pots, we keep them on the outside basement steps, which are covered, as space for garden items is at a premium.  Was able to transplant some geraniums out of the garden back into pots and hope to propagate them and keep them through the winter, I will see how well that works out.  Also brought in my bougainvillea, hope that makes it.  The squirrels decimated my Tahitian Bridle Veil, I may be able to salvage some, re pot it and bring that in for the winter.

I've been working on my crazy quilt, piecing and feather stitching.  I just got another Sarah Moss book from the library, this is fiction "Night Waking."  It's proving to be an interesting read.  I just finished Names For The Sea, autobiographical about Iceland.  So far a lot of the beginning of Night Waking I think could almost be autobiographical as Sarah Moss has two young boys and Anna has two young boys.

Just a couple of pics from The Boy of his trip last weekend to Shenandoah National Park, Virginia.

He had lovely weather all weekend, what a view and here is his Mazda Miata, just right for this kind of drive.

The Boy.


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  1. Our weather has suddenly changed today. Beautiful Autumn day yesterday, sunny and warm about 61F. Today has been dull and cold with some drizzle. I have brought my two variegated geraniums indoors today. One is new this year but the other one is several years old and has survived over winter indoors. I keep meaning to take cuttings. I enjoyed Sarah Moss autobiographic but hadn't thought of the fiction. Will be interested to hear your review. What a wonderful view the boy had and a great car for that drive.


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