Monday, November 30, 2015

Brooklyn Library

Hi Dear Folk,

The main branch of the Brooklyn Library system is at the Grand Army Plaza close to Prospect Park and the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens, they are all right there. 

It is a wonderful building to see in the Art Deco style.  The original building was started in 1912 in the Beaux Arts Design see the history here, but due to WW1 and the depression the building work ground to a halt; then in 1930 new architects were called in to downsize the original design, taking off a fourth floor and scaling down on ornamentation.  Most of the original building work was demolished and started over again in 1938 and finished in late 1940 see here

With all that said I still think that the design is wonderful.

The escalators remind me of my childhood, visiting Oxford Street for the January sales which we did every year, making a special trip up to London on the train, these were the style of escalators in the department stores back then, Selfridge's etc.

We really just popped our heads in the door and wished we had had time to see more.

Looking from the Brooklyn Library steps to the Grand Army Plaza which we called the Brooklyn Arc de Triomphe



  1. It was amazing to see all these things so close together and imagine having that library as your local one. As usual great pictures.


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