Thursday, November 19, 2015

Important People, On Important Business Stay At Important Places

Hi Dear Folk,

United Nations Sustainable Development Summit, at least I think that was what it was all about.  Total gridlock around the south end of Central Park on 5th Avenue at the Plaza Hotel.  Very important people, on important business stay at important places and get driven around in black Mercedes Benz vehicles with tinted windows, and can park where ever they want because they are diplomats.

It seemed that all the fun places had been commandeered for special events.  We went up to the Bergdorf Goodman Restaurant, which is at the top of the famous department store and looks over Central Park, this was closed for a special party.  We walk on down to Grand Central Station and wanted to get a drink at the Campbell Apartment there, that too was closed for a special event.

While making the turn off 5th Avenue to the station, a coach, actually from Ithaca, Cornell University, thus it caught our attention, was trying to make the turn off 5th Avenue.  Sitting on the corner was a diplomatic car, with a guy actually sitting in it, but he said he didn't have the keys and couldn't move it.  So this coach was stuck half out in 5th Avenue and part way around the corner, blocking pedestrians walking up and down 5th  Avenue from crossing the side street and everyone had to walk around the coach.  The driver of the coach was pretty mad, and had to move all the huge plastic barriers so he could maneuver around the corner.  So much for parking where ever you want.  Probably waiting for someones wife shopping on 5th Avenue.  Am I a little jaded?

Outside the Plaza Hotel off Central Park.

Life in the fast lane.


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  1. You're not jaded just a crazy world! It was an amazing sight.


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