Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Central Park Balto

Hi Dear Folk,

From the 9/11 Memorial we took the subway right up to Central Park, by this time we were ready for lunch and found a little restaurant in the park, by default of going the wrong way, but it was a serendipity find.  We bought adult grilled cheese sandwiches, we wondered what this might be, but they turned out to be very hearty, on good bread with tomato, along with a bag of potato chips and we got yet another good take out cup of tea.  We found a nice park bench and sat down to eat our lunch, near a carousel and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Main concourse in Central Park.  Every time I go to Central Park I run across a new area, and I've still only really walked from the center of the park and south.  The maps they hand out at the park I think are lacking in detail.

In 1925, Balto a black Siberian husky, was the lead sled dog and ran the last two laps of the run to Nome, to deliver the diphtheria serum.  His musher was Norwegian Gunner Kaasen in -23F conditions with almost total white out in the dark.  It is a heart warming story and to commemorate this epic journey each year in Alaska they run the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race. 

Eventually we found the correct path and crossed 5th Avenue to the Frick House.


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  1. Yes that lunch was good although the adult bit did puzzle me at first. I saw the program about the sled dogs taking the serum and it was a heartwarming story. I never realized how huge Central Park is.


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