Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Brooklyn Botanical Gardens Green House Area

Hi Dear Folk,

As you can see it was a very overcast day and a cold front had rolled in we made our way over to the green house area where there was also a café.

We opted for a cup of coffee and muffins, unfortunately it was an outside café, but we were warmed up by our coffee.  You can see the café area at the very end of the pond below.

Look at these very dino period looking plants.

I like the above photo very Monet.

This made me think of my mum, the giant Maidenhair fern above, because she had a glorious one in our sitting room by the French windows, the much smaller leaf fern; when I was a child and she decided to give it a treat and repot it and it did not take kindly to this and died, she was most upset.

My camera lens kept misting up in the humidity of the green houses.

Something about lily pads to me is very Wind In The Willows, aren't they just so amazing it looks like you could step across the water on them.

The above mango plant I had seen in the Everglades, Florida, I think the Indians called it The Walking Plant.

One of my favourite sections the Bonsai trees, I have grown several over the years, but even after keeping them for several years, eventually something happens and I forget to water them and it dies.  You have to be so vigilantly consistent with looking after them.

My American Robin photo I thought would make nice winter cards, I may do that.

Did you enjoy your walk around The Brooklyn Botanical Gardens, we certainly did and would love another visit.


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  1. Your photos are brilliant especially the robin.


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