Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Weighing On My Mind

Hi Dear Folk,

Last year when I flew back from Hawaii, the cabin attendants went around with the usual credit card offers, you know open a credit card now and get 40,000 miles plus your flight doubled and all that.  I usually do not take them up on this but this time I did.  I bulked at the $100.00 yearly fee for the credit card but figured it would pay for itself if I used it on a flight to the UK.

It has been weighing on my mind that I hadn't used the frequent flyer miles and neither had I cancelled the card, so with one of those no procrastination days I just did it.  Booked the flight and cancelled the card.

Easier said than done.  Everything is online now with passwords, you already know how I feel about that.  So I'm working my way through trying to pick a non-stop flight with no black out periods for FF miles, I had the choice of American Airlines or British Airways and since the BA flight was direct from Philly and the AA flight was stopping in Manchester, I though I'll take the BA flight.  I get all the way to the end and it is asking me for $695.00 plus using my 40,000 FF miles, now I knew the taxes should be no more than approx. $275.00.  So I made an Internet support phone call which of course takes you to India, and she really could not explain why I was being charged that amount, so she transfers me back to, I'm sure the USA.

It turns out that if you use your FF miles with BA the taxes are so much more than if I use my FF miles with AA, something about exchange rates etc, what ever.  So with the help of a live person, I said go ahead and find me a flight with these date parameters, yes it did cost $40.00 to use a live person but it was worth every penny in lack of agro.

So flight out with AA stopping in Manchester where I have to change flights to BA on the way to London,  and a direct flight back with AA.  So I'm off next year just before Spring time, but hopefully the daffs and primroses will be out when I'm there over the holidays.

So something to look forward to all through the dark days of winter.

Now I'm looking for a suitcase with four spinner wheels instead of two.


P.S.  I'm already looking at AirBnB's in Norfolk, Wells Next The Sea I'm thinking of.

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  1. It will be so good to see you again. I love North Norfolk. It is so peaceful. Glad you got the ticket after all that bother.


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