Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Frick House, NYC

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After I had downloaded all my photos I thought that I was missing some from inside the Frick House, but then I remembered that we were not allowed to take photos right in the house, so no photo of Thomas Cromwell by Hans Holbein, but you can see it here on their site.

Henry Clay Frick was a 19th century industrialist who started off in coke manufacturing then into steel and was an associate of Andrew Carnegie.  Frick played a major part in founding the US Steel Corporation.

There is a nice article in the New York Sun about The Frick House see here

The Frick House has a substantial art collection and it was stated that Mr. Frick never said what his style was in collecting, but I think he just had money and had his agents buy what ever was up for sale.  The art collection is eclectic and substantial, from Renoir, Monet, Rembrandt, Holbein, Turner, Reynolds, Vermeer and much more.

We were allowed to take photos in this area.  Actually this is not part of the original house but was an open courtyard originally to pull their cars into.  When taken over by the museum trust it was converted into this covered courtyard area with a pool and fountain.  It would make a very nice afternoon tea area.

Here is Jean at the side of the Frick House on 5th Avenue.

I treated myself to a 2016 Diary/Journal for next year, which I bought in the museum shop, I think I will enjoy it.


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  1. I enjoyed the article about Frick and the art collection was amazing.


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