Tuesday, December 1, 2015


Hi Dear Folk,

My three little joys for anytime, sorry four, but especially in the Winter with long dark evenings is this:
  1. A visit to the library - books to read
  2. A visit to the fabric store - things to sew
  3. A visit to the thrift shop - bobs to enjoy
  4. Dare I throw out there Italian leather - what more can you say
In keeping with that I have just finished reading A Writer's Diary by Virginia Woolf edited by Leonard Woolf.

And what always thrills me is to get a first edition book from the library and with my repertoire of reading it seems to happen quite often.  I'm always pulling out the books from upstairs in old shelving that no one else seems to read.

So when I went to pick up another Virginia Woolf book, The Years, I stumbled upon this biography in the newly released section, by Vivianne Forrester, 1925 - 2013 nee Dreyfus, of French Jewish decent, what a coincidence was that finding the biography and of course Leonard Woolf was Jewish.

In the clearance section was a Sewing Step by Step book for fifty cents.  And sitting on that is a pencil case in painted Italian leather, if I can afford Italian leather, I will buy it.  There's just something about Italian leather don't you think?  The colors, texture and the smell, yes the smell.

One of my favorite writers Laura Ingalls Wilder, an annotated autobiography also in the newly released section of the library.  Just the cover and unusual sizing of the book, made me pick it up.  So I am good for an evening read by the fire.

A little sun from Down Under, it is now their Spring.  I found these at the thrift and even their name tag is Down Under.  Waiting for a sunny day next year to adorn my patio table.

Japanese print fabric, anything in this style is a link to my grandmother who loved Chinese and Japanese art and incorporated much of this into her sewing.  So just a yard purchased to do something with?

Last but not least is my passion flower that has brought summer into my Simla Room (sun room) to weather out it's third winter indoors.

My Simla room named after the Indian town in the Himalayas is my go to retreat, by the stove, with Tuppence, where is your retreat for winter time?


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  1. I wish we had old books in our library but even when I search the whole Essex catalog there is very little. I have a pair of Italian leather shoes bought about 20 years ago which I never wear now as they have small heels which my feet do not like but I can't seem to throw them out. I love your Australian place mats as they are so sunny.


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