Sunday, November 1, 2015

Pennsylvania Fall

Hi Dear Folk,

My favourite time of year here in Pennsylvania.  Sitting at a desk all day does nothing for ones body or psyche so I decided to get out at lunch time for a walk along with my camera.  Nature calms you down and what a glorious day last Friday was.

I'm wearing my fingerless crochet mitts, great for use with the camera.

The type of selfie I do.  Trying out a new hairstyle, braided down one side with an asymmetrical bun on the other side.

The all American picnic table, I know you see these in the UK now, but when I first came to the States you didn't, and I thought what a good idea to have a picnic table all ready for you, instead of having to bring your own fold up table.

I love this photo it reminds me of bears and Russia and I thought why does it remind me of bears and Russia, well when I was a child I saw in a shop window a Russian black lacquer box with bears playing on trees in the forest and it always stuck in my mind because I thought it was so exquisite.  So I guess the fallen trees in the foreground remind me of that, funny how the brain works.

The apple tree in no mans land, I have twice been at this apple tree, the second time I went laden with a garden rake to knock them off, but I couldn't reach these and they are bugging me to death, just sitting there.

Hope your weekend is good.  I hit the thrift and found an old 1960's Viking Husqvarna sewing machine, some of the cams are missing, but it runs fine.  Since I didn't pay much for it, I think I'm going to take all the covers off and take a good old look inside, vacuuming it out and oiling it.  One can always refer to You Tube.

My friends father used to be a Singer Sewing machine rep and she said her dad broke up so many old hand sewing machines for scrap, can you imagine how much all that stuff is worth on eBay now.  All those old wonderful Egyptian motives.

We fell back last night, so have an extra hour today.



  1. That hairdo! Did you do it yourself? I can braid my girls' hair but could never execute such a perfect side braid bun combo on my own jogging. Ace wrists too. SO happy to hear that you might join in with Making Winter

    1. Thank you! Yes I did do it myself. One evening I just sat and persevered doing a braid on myself, the key is do not use a comb just do it with your fingers. I am looking forward to joining in Making Winter, I'll just be Blogging it.

  2. Thank you for sharing your walk. I enjoyed your beautiful photos. Your hair is so elegant but I don't know how you find time and patience to do it! We used to pick the high apples with a child's fishing net with a razor blade fixed at one side but you would need a long one for those apples. They look so beautiful.


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