Sunday, November 8, 2015

Walking The Brooklyn Bridge

Hi Dear Folk,

Later in the afternoon the sky clouded over, we received the tail end of a hurricane from down south.  Here you see the old warehouse buildings which were totally abandoned and run down, in the eighties they were taken over by artists and others and now have become mega buck apartments, but the whole area is know as DUMBO Down Under The Manhattan Bridge Overpass, I always forget what the O stands for Overpass.

The suspension bridge wiring is a sight to see, I just love the visual optics of it all.

You can walk the bridge and cycle across the bridge, but as a pedestrian look at, as they whiz by.

There are also cars crossing and trains on the bridge.

Looking over to the Statue of Liberty and I think that is Governor's Island to the left and not Ellis Island, but correct me those who know.

Here we are looking North to the Manhattan Bridge and the Empire State Building in the far background to the left.

Part of Brooklyn Bethel.



  1. I'd forgotten what the O stood for in DUMBO too and was going to look it up but you saved me a job. It was an enjoyable walk with great views.

  2. We were just there yesterday taking Joe and his roomate home with Laura's mini fridge. It was a trip with that one purpose so we didn't do anything interesting.


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