Sunday, November 8, 2015

DUMBO Down Under Manhattan Bridge Overpass Area

Hi Dear Folk,

Yesterday was overcast but in the sixties so we ate breakfast outside, Mr. B. is now home on a Saturday which is great.  I was able to get a few jobs done around the house which I can't do on my own, such as moving furniture.

Today Sunday is sunny, we have had a wonderful November so far.  I did hear that global warming is ruining the beer industry for certain brewers in Belgium, especially for brewers who just use the elements to ferment their beer, and they need a certain amount of cold months, starting in October to ferment the beer and the season now is just not long enough for them.

Of course for us that means much less money spent on heating the house.  Well enough of that.  Moving on with my travels, here we are in the DUMBO area, Down Under Manhattan Bridge Overpass as I stated before.

Here we are under the Manhattan Bridge on the Brooklyn side.  In fact my favourite views of Manhattan are from Brooklyn.

The warehouse to the left was all being done up, a little beach and Jane's Carousel, built in 1922 by the Philadelphia Toboggan Company, originally located at Idora Park, Youngstown, Ohio

I like this photo with the mist obscuring the top of the skyline.

This couple had just got engaged and a number of folk took photos of them, wish them happiness.

A little Mexico in Brooklyn.


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  1. Yes it is an interesting place to walk in now. I love your picture of the engaged couple. So lovely to see such happiness.


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