Monday, November 2, 2015

Down Under Brooklyn Bridge

Hi Dear Folk,

The day prooved to start out sunny and here we are down at the waterfront by Brooklyn Bridge, which I think is the loveliest of the NYC bridges, which are numerous.  The history of the bridge is fascinating with John Roebling being the designer and builder,  dying early on in the project and his son took over, gets the bends and form his sick bed sees the project forward.

Started in the late 1860's so just a few years after the end of the Civil War.  If you've never read or watched a documentary about the building of the bridge you really should it's an amazing feat of engineering.

Here is Jean walking down the pier, we found a nice stand where we actually got a very good hot cup of tea with milk, the with milk is very important in the US as you usually get given those awful little creamers.  We had a nice Lady Grey and sat down with our bagels.

Behind Jean you can see the new, I call it prism building, but they're like inverted isosceles triangles this replaces the Twin Towers, but certainly that skyline is so changed now and all very sad.

Here is a photo taken of a page in an old photo album circa 1976-77, as you can see the skyline is so different with the Twin Towers.  What I had totally forgotten was how the whole area along the waterfront here in Brooklyn used to look, totally run down.  Look at the old container warehouses and the pier area, how different from the photo below and how it looks now.



  1. I love to see the "then and now" photos. The changes are so amazing and really just like the Docklands over here. I just told somebody yesterday about the tea as they said it was impossible to get good tea in USA! The bridge is beautiful.

  2. Beautiful photos, Christy! That area is called DUMBO. I remember the documentary of the Brooklyn Bridge when it was 100 years old and the story so sad. Many bridges back then had loss of life when built.
    Hi Jean--you look lovely!


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