Thursday, November 12, 2015

Rijks Museum, The Netherlands

Hi Dear Folk,

I'm going to spend 2016 in Holland, well in my mind, each day as I post my diary

This is the diary I bought at the Frick House, I like a diary with many different pictures.  I especially like this one because it is a collection of different pieces of art from the Rijks Museum in the Netherlands.  Each one is so different form Rembrandt to Jan van Essen, old masters to sketches of dogs.

Morning Ride Along The Beach, 1876 Anton Mauve.

The Harmonists c 1876-1877 Henriette Ronner.

Winter Landscape with Ice Skaters c1608 Hendrick Avercamp.  We had a round jigsaw puzzle with a scene like this on when I was a child, I remember it sat on the dining room table for quite a few weeks and we worked on it as a family bit by bit.

Winter Landscape c 1815 Gerritt Lamberts.

Sheet of Studies of Dogs c 1900-1925 Jan van Essen.

Panel of Sixteen Tiles Decorated with Birds c 1640-1660.

The Night Watch c 1642 Rembrandt.

Windowsill with Bottles, a Glass Globe and an Apple c1892 Menso Kamerlingh Onnes.



  1. It's a beautiful diary. We had a round jigsaw with a similar picture too when our children were younger. It also sat on our dining room table for ages. Enjoy virtual Holland!

  2. It's so nice the variety of the type of art. A nice way to remember all year --your trip to New York with Jean.


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