Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Sew and Sew - Vintage Haberdashery - 2 Quay Street, Lostwithiel, Cornwall

Hi Dear Folk,

You'll just have to go to the UK for this one.

Sew and Sew at 2 Quay Street Lostwithiel here is a Café and Crafting Haberdashery Shop, how lovely is that.

See a Mermaid's Tales for more photos on the place.

I wish there was somewhere like that around here.



  1. Haha! That is just the sort of place I envision for you and Bob. I fancy the lamp shade making day at Sew and Sew. Bit far though.

  2. Oh I do wish we had spots like this here! How cosy to have tea and cake and enjoy crafting! When you have a day off do come to my house for tea and cake and we can talk of our latest projects! Miss you!!


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