Friday, July 27, 2012

Walking To The Eye

That's Waterloo Bridge in the background and in the foreground just one of the many lights along the embankment which are so iconic and exude such romance.  How many old black and white movies have you seen where a couple stand under one of these lights on a foggy night, especially WWII movies.  This is along The Queen's Walk.

Walking under the Hungerford Bridge a railway bridge.

I'm never sure if I really like these people dressed up like this.  We saw so many of these in Barcelona, some were intriguing, but to me there's something a little weird about them.

The Eye with The Houses of Parliament and Big Ben in the background.

This is the Jubilee walking bridge.  As you can see the sky is already clouding up again.  So we're hurrying along to get our tickets for The Eye.


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  1. I love your photos. You have caught the atmosphere perfectly. Brought back good memories as well!


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