Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Last Robin To Fly The Coupe

This is the last fledgling to leave the nest; we never saw the going of the first two.  I think they hatched out a day or so earlier and therefore were a little ahead of this guy.  I have not seen the other young robins around the yard.

Mum has been most attentive to this one after he left the nest and has been following him around for two days now.  Feeding him and giving out warnings of impending humans.  He sat in this area for a while as you can see.  One time he almost fell off the fence, when he closed his eyes and was nodding off.  He was doing a lot of grooming and feeling out those wings.  He seems devoid of tail feathers.

So we wish the best for them and hope to see him grow up in our garden and live to find another worm.


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