Friday, July 6, 2012

Boosul Boys Old Patio and Mr Brit Bit's New Patio

We had a garden alongside the garage held in by wooden sleepers, but you were never able to grow too much, it is almost north facing and dry under the eaves, plus the shadow from the tree.  After we got our wood stove we just stored wood here, big stacks in the winter just an empty area in the summer.

This was the area I used to have a garden tent in which I bought from IKEA and I really liked it and had it for two summers.  But garden tents eventually get caught in a wind storm and the poles get bent and that is what happened to ours. 

Boosul Boy laid me a paving floor, when he was about fourteen, and this is what you see left of it. He worked hard and did a nice job for his mum. It kind of fitted in the five sided tent.  I had a theme of red and orange with trash find rattan sofas, tables painted orange and IKEA mats, palms in pots. I really did like it, and even had a chandelier hanging from the center and a picture hanging up.   It moved on to just a patio when there was no more garden tent.

So with the graduation party coming up and the fact that this patio had seen better days, Mr. Brit Bit pulled up all the pavers and relaid them, taking them right up to the garage and buying a few more to finish the job off.  It's all just laid on dirt.

Newly laid Oak Tree Patio, we used up some left over bullet bricks for the corner.

We have two of these chairs some one had out front for free.  We took them home and thought that we could screw the base back onto the top, but it was impossible to do so.  I think the previous owners unscrewed them to move them and then didn't realize that all the assembly was done at time of manufacturing and no way could you do it afterwards.  So the seat is just sitting on the base.  We're used to them, but I wouldn't want to leave them out for the party.  They're quite comfortable though.


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