Tuesday, July 17, 2012

New Shelving Unit and Gadget Corner

A friend at work gave me this corner shelving unit. Thank's Jen.  It's nice and sturdy and just right for all my electric gadgets.  Plus it freed up my counter space in my pantry area.

In a small kitchen there's no point in having electric gadgets unless you have easy access to them and if you don't I've found you just don't use them.

So here's my collection including 1980's brown and cream wedding gifts.  Yes my sunbeam mixers still work great, both of them.  Plus a wonderful hand mixer I picked up at a charity shop in UK in it's original box.

This is my traditional Brit mixing bowl I bought on my last trip to the UK.  It's big and I had to carry it on as hand luggage, stuffed inside another bag I had bought for a friend.  Creative packing.


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  1. Every home including ours had one of those bowls when I was a child. Brings back memories!


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