Monday, July 16, 2012

Lost, Leak

Yes today at work I lost it over a leak.  I came into work this morning and the air-conditioning unit had leaked all over my desk on top of all my job jackets.  These are spec jackets with job and info for different print jobs.

There has been on on-going air conditioning problem in our office ever since we moved in a year and a half ago.  Eventually they replaced a unit on the roof and one that sits above the ceiling of my reception area.

That was finished just two weeks ago, walls painted and carpets cleaned.  I have had to vacate my desk numerous times.  This was like the last straw, as the unit that leaked does not even service our office but services the business office next to us.  With flex space walls can be moved, but what is in the ceiling above stays there.  Consequently my problem their air-conditioning.

I had to take all my paper work, some had to be reprinted and other pieces were spread out to dry, crazy.  Fortunately we have more offices and desk space than people so one can spread out.

You see I always keep a stiff British upper lip and when I lose it everyone thinks it funny.  Fortunately I can laugh at myself which I did.  So two hours later I was set up in another office, but time lost and rush jobs to get out.  What a day!


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