Saturday, July 14, 2012

Rooftop Cocktails New York City

Every year my company gives a summer party and a end of year party.  This year was rooftop cocktails and dinner in Manhattan.  Since our head office is in Manhattan and most employees work there it makes sense to have the party there.

I don't always go and this year nobody was going from our PA office, then at the last minute my boss decided to go, I think a guilt trip was on him for not going, and asked if anyone else wanted to go.  Rushed home changed, came back to the office and drove to catch the train from Trenton, NJ.  In the end five came up to New York from our office.

So this is cocktails on the roof top.  I had a wonderful mango mixed drink, it just hit the spot.  After coming up on the NJ Transit System; which I call the New Jersey Train Sit System, it's sooo slow.

Inside for more drinks and dancing, games and dinner.

It was fun and the weather was great to be out on a roof top.


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  1. Glad you had fun and it didn't rain! Good job you're not over here on a roof as you'd get washed away!


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