Monday, July 2, 2012


The above three photos were taken several days ago. they are all doing very well and you can see that there are three babies.

I come home this evening and went over and looked at them and they are even bigger than above and growing so quickly. So I'm happy.

I'm walking around the garden over by our oak tree and there is a dead robin lying on the ground, I'm just heart sick, and hoping this is not our mother of the babies.  I Googled to see if both parents look after the babies and it seems that they do, well that's very good I thought.

So now I'm watching to see if one of the parents comes back to the nest.  We watched for a bit but no parents, then I'm sitting watching tele when I hear a lot of chirping and I asked Mr Bit Brit to go out, I can't do it, too stressful to see if maybe a parent had returned.  So he took a photo from a distance.

Mr Bit Brit comes back with this photo and says they've grown so big that one bird is perching on the edge, but when I saw the photo I knew that this is one of their parents, because when I looked at them earlier in the evening the babes were all in the nest, not one on the edge. I am so relieved and happy.

Sad for the death of the other robin, but it would be terrible to think the fledgelings would loose their provider right now.

Now I can go to sleep without sad thoughts.


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  1. How sad but glad the babies are still ok. Hopefully they will leave the nest soon and not need so much care.


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