Monday, July 2, 2012

Lincoln's Inn Fields

There has been a public space here since the 12th century but Lincoln's Inn Fields as we see it today was laid out by Inigo Jones, the famous architect, in the 17th century.

In Inigo Jones' time, the square was in the most fashionable area of London due to it's central location, close to the West End theaters. Nell Gwynne, the famous English actress, lived here at the time and her son, the Duke of St. Albans, was born here. (She was the mistress of King Charles II.)

The square was later enclosed in 1735 under an Act of Parliament and not reopened to the public again until its acquisition by London County Council in 1895.

Walking London is fun because within an area you can see quite a lot.  The tulips and primroses were out always a beautiful sight, the trees in blossom too.


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  1. Yes that's why I love London. Just walking about there's so many unexpected things to see especially off the tourist trail.


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