Friday, July 6, 2012

Teflon Coated Nail Polish

I looked at my chipped nail polish this morning and thought I really should get that off before going to work.  I look through quite a few bottles under the bathroom sink and eventually find the nail polish remover.  Now this remover is at least fifteen years old.  This is a girl who maybe does her finger nails once a year and her toe nails a couple of times in the summer.

I get out a cotton pad pour it on and apply it to my nail polish and wipe ... nothing, I try again, nothing ... I add more remover still no good, and I have no time to waste.  So think maybe it's lost it's potency or maybe nail polish has moved on in the world since my two very old bottles, still in use.

Remember my friend did my nails and then I had bought my own bottle of nail polish, a very pale pink sparkle type, great under inside lights.  But being the frugal/cheap skate person I am I bought a cheap brand and it didn't cover the other polish that well so I had to put several coats on. Now it's like my nails are Teflon coated and chipped just like the pans.

So on my way home from work I buy some brand new nail polish remover and guess what it hardly makes a dent on my nail polish.  After intense work it is gradually coming off.  I must be behind the times.

A Baby Boomer


  1. That made me laugh! Better not use my nail polish as its years old as is the remover. Can't remember the last time I used it.

  2. Oh my! I hope you eventually manage to get it all off. The only nail polish I own is clear - for runs in tights! My daughter has small a selection though, and so far the remover has worked.


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