Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sunday A Week In Retrospect

Hi folk, I came downstairs this morning in the wee hours before the sun was up, walking through my dining room to the kitchen, for a cup of tea.  In the dining room we have an electric window fan and the digital read out said 75f, joy of joys as it has hovered around 92f with high humidity, but this week has been very changeable.

Dear Boy and I were driving to a meeting on Thursday evening and the sky was one dark charcoal mass, you couldn't even see where one cloud ended and the other began, I was afraid it would sporn a tornado a few have been known in this area but it is a rarity, the sky was most ominous though.  The winds raged through for five minutes after we got to our meeting and then the electric went out and that was that, so we all went home and the storm was passed.  Good for my garden though except for all the little dead branches that fell out of the oak tree onto the patio.

Mr Bit Brit and son cleared up all the Grad Party last week, we just need to return all the items, tables etc that we borrowed.  I think I was on my feet so much Saturday that Sunday I just vegged.

But you hardly have time to think about things before you've moved on to another thing in life.  My sister phoned and said that my mum is very ill in hospital, so have been in touch with her all week and we will have to wait and see what happens.  But being such a long way away is difficult in times like this and it all falls on my sister.

I haven't done much letter writing, it has been a busy time but yesterday I did sit on my Oak Tree Patio and wrote, with my faithful companion Tinkerbell by my side and a cheeky squirrel propped up in a crevice at the bottom of the oak tree, sitting on his haunches eating a nut in his tiny paws.  Do squirrels have paws, actually they are more like little hands.

Tinkerbell started watching the squirrels, but she was very comfortable so just gave a sigh and went back to sleep; which made me laugh.  But later she had second thoughts and started stalking them, it makes her feel like a feline.  Not that she has a hope because when I got her from the SPCA she had already been de-clawed by who ever had her before.  Not something I would do to a cat.

Later I ran out to get a paper bag to pack my wedding shower gift in, along with a card.  I bought a set of 12 steak knifes made in France with white bone style handles and a little bumble bee on them that represents the area in France that they came from.  I know I would like them so hope she will too.  Will post pics when I get them downloaded.

Ran across 6 soup bowls at the thrift made at the Cannonsburg Pottery in Pennsylvania; which closed in 1978 after a devastating fire in 1975.  The company was formed in 1909 after purchasing the Cannonsburg China Company.  They mostly made dinnerware putting out over 25,000 dozen pieces per week. They employed 305 people. Here are a couple of pics.

I just like to collect a few pieces here and there because as far as I know no dinnerware china is produced in PA anymore, if even in the USA.  You even see pieces like Portmerion of which I have a lovely platter that my grandmother gave me for a wedding present and just the other day a saw a Portmerion double dish and it was made in China, not the UK, does that seem right?

Two favourite patterns from the Cannonsburg Pottery are Temporana and Wild Clover. 

Also a couple of weeks ago I ran across a beautiful smaller turkey platter, made at Cannonsburg; which I'm thinking will go nicely with my soup bowls which are cream with an embossed edge.

Well that's my eclectic week.

I did watch the opening of the Olympics and was pleasantly surprised that Wow!  They got it right.  I liked the James Bond and Queen skit plus Chariots of Fire and Mr. Bean.  It seems wild flowers also abound around the stadium area, and that what used to be a very run down area of London in the East End has been revitalized.

Lil Bit Brit

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  1. Thinking of you and your family with your mum being ill. Our daughter-in-law's parents are both sick and in Australia so that is very difficult for her. Glad you got to spend time with your mum recently.


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