Monday, July 23, 2012

Monday Morning

I woke up this morning Monday in the wee hours of 4:00 AM and decided to get my morning cuppa and take the laptop outside and sit on the Oak Tree Patio.

It's like stealing time out of the day, so quiet and peaceful, our little pond waterfall in the background and just the night time insects.  A lonely goods train can be heard tooting in the background such an American sound to it, very haunting, very hobo.

Then I ran across this video which I thought would be great for my Paris in July posting, I'm listening to it, it's about 5:00 AM and I think I woke the bird life up, because all of a sudden after playing this there I hear one bird starting off her or his morning song, the sky is a deep grayish blue with clouds and a new day dawns.


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  1. Iliked your description of the dawn chorus. I used to love that time of day when I was working nights. I don't know how you survive such a long day though!


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