Friday, January 1, 2016

New Leafs, Art Journals and Crochet

Hi Dear Folk,

I am looking forward to using my new diary that I bought at the Frick House in NYC, there is such a variety of artwork in there that each page will be fresh.

Something I have long wanted to have a go at is an art journal. So that's a go for the new year. I have a book all written in Japanese and Japanese writing in itself looks like artwork to me.  It must have been sold at a museum, because of the pictures.  I think my hardest problem is defacing a book, seems to go against my upbringing.  I've had this book for years, so I'm raking out pens and fountain pens, stamps and other ephemera.  I'm going to keep them all in my Amish basket, it seems right.

Many Journal Art people seem to use a Moleskine, then I found a comparison between a Moleskine and a Leuchturm, which I had never heard of before.  This particular art journal keeper preferred a Leuchturm, so interesting.  I have a small lined Moleskine I keep in my handbag at all times for notes on anything, so it is a hotch potch of information.  I think I might get a Leuchturm, probably order it online, that could be the way to go as well.

At the thrift I ran across on old Franklin Covey ring binder, quite small but huge rings for great depth,  so now my mind is running in all directions and I need to narrow it down.  I noticed that old ledger post binders go for upwards of $30.00 or more and I had several of those when we ran a small business in the eighties, who knows what was the going of them.  Who would think you'd ever find a use for them and all that ledger paper after computers came in.

The Art Journal will definitely be a work in progress as I think I will need to think out of the box for this, be more free flowing and that is a thinking I will have to develop.

I've almost finished a hat, scarf and mitt set, in what they call "Spring Brook" which aptly describes the colour, muted shades of greens and blues, it has a sheen like looking through water. The patterns are by Nicky Trench.  Funny thing was I was working on the fingerless mitten pattern from Cute and Easy Crochet, when I thought this seems familiar, pulled out a crochet book I had bought at the thrift and sure enough it was the same author and pretty much the same pattern, that book is called The Cool Girl's Guide to Crochet.

When Jean and I were in Ithaca at the craft fair, I saw a hat crocheted out of that thick, chenille, soft, blanket yarn, so I'm having a go at that, I even bought the same colour as I saw the hat in "Plum Fields".  Mostly people knit this yarn into Afghans, but I really liked the hat.

I do not like all the colors in that Bernat range, other colours I do like are "Harvest" and "Silver Steel" which is more neutral.  I did buy "Plum Chutney"  but I'm taking that back if I can, because I have unwound some of it, I'm not crazy about that colour.  Bob likes the color (maybe it's the chutney bit in the name) he says can I make him a Nepalese style hat in it.  Let me tell you it would look totally outrageous, but maybe I will.  I'm looking at another Bernat colour in that range "Sailor's Delight", that does look nice, muted shades of peaches and blues like a sunset, but I don't think I've seen that for sale in the stores.  I do like the colour names, so important don't you think?

So just a little for the new year,  obtainable and fun, no pressure.


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  1. Christy, thanks for stopping by my blog. I read you posts. Beautiful and interesting. I can imagine the pretty china on a dining table. Wish you a Happy New Year 2016!


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