Thursday, December 31, 2015

Tea Time

Hi Dear Folk,

Thought you might enjoy this from Tea Time Magazine

Tea Time's Favourite Recipes from 2015

Plus a Victoria Sandwich sponge cake from Downton Abbey; my mum's go to cake.

Mum's recipe is simple weigh the three or four eggs, and measure out the castor sugar/super fine sugar, same weight as eggs and the self raising flour same weight as eggs and the butter same weight as eggs, plus the usual other ingredients.

My mum was speaking to an old friend who had been in service in the kitchen as a cooks assistant and mum was lamenting that her Victoria Sandwich never rose that much, "Oh the trick my dear is to weigh the eggs."  Of course makes total sense because egg size and weight can vary considerably and all ingredients must be room temperature.


P.S.  Yesterday they had thirty percent off at our local thrift and I picked up seven Chinese dinner size plates, with wonderful hand painted flowers and lots and lots of gold, I thought they would look so pretty on a tea table.  You know I can't resist pretty china.


  1. Mm can't beat afternoon tea. Haven't made a Victoria sponge for ages. Good tip about weighing the eggs. I envy your thrifting. The plates sound lovely. Am trying to copy you in setting the table. A long way behind but am improving.

  2. Those crustless tea sandwiches took me right back to the 50s! They were so delicious, and not good for us at all!


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