Sunday, January 10, 2016

The Bookmark

Hi Dear Folk,

You might ask what is so special about a bookmark that I would make that my title for a post.

Over the years I have used all the possible combinations of bookmarks.  Card bookmarks made for that use with tassels, photographs on them or with me, quite often tea sayings, or a very special bookmark from a friend made of handmade lace from Suffolk.

I have used old envelopes, or cards, postcards that have been mailed to me, pieces of folded paper or even a receipt.  Sometimes a rubber band, a paperclip, a piece of yarn or string, I think the list could go on further, yes a dried leaf and so on, you get the picture.

Metal bookmarks have also appeared in my books over the years, ones that nip the paper, never my favourite.  But now I have a metal bookmark that is absolutely my favourite; it is from Japan and is metal with a little vase in white Japanese/Chinese ceramic made in the old Japanese/Chinese style.

It sits in a book so perfectly, hugs over the top and down the spine, does not slip, move, or drop out, I am in love with this bookmark.

It came in a little box and I acquired it at the thrift shop, possibly it came from a museum shop, who knows, but I paid just a little amount for it and paid so little attention when I bought it, just thinking that I liked the old Japanese/Chinese blue and white ceramic, and who would have thought I would write a gushing post about a very mundane little object, a bookmark.

And here it is.


P.S. Reading Greengates, such a great read, by the fire

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