Sunday, January 24, 2016

Blizzard 2016 In The Neighbourhood

Hi Dear Folk,

Mr. B. spent six hours outside shoveling our cars out, and the snow plow has yet to come through again so probably will have to shovel out some more. This is my car.

A neighbor has a snow blower and does all are sidewalks which is a lot when you sit on the corner, and it is the law that you get them cleared within 24 hours.  Mr. B. pays him in chocolate chip cookies homemade.

My favourite tree in the neighborhood.

Mr. B. was very proud of this pile of snow and asked me to take a pic.

As I walked the neighborhood taking photos I noticed how people go about getting their vehicles out.  The man one with four wheel drive pick up truck is this, don't bother shoveling even if the snow is almost up to the windows, just get in and keep rocking backwards and forwards and eventually you'll wear that pile right down and go right over the top.  Who cares what it does for their transmission.

The sun will come out tomorrow and it did.



  1. It looks so beautiful Christy. I can only imagine snow like that it just doesn't happen here. Your husband is certainly getting a good workout with all that shovelling. Take care. xo

  2. That snow is quite a sight!
    Stay safe,

  3. Your pictures are so beautiful. It is a shame we can't just enjoy it without having to worry about getting on with life. Tell Bob to take it easy with the shoveling. I did laugh about the man with the 4 wheel drive getting out of the snow. Your neighbour with the snow blower gets a good deal with the cookies.


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