Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Colonial American and The Olde Curiosity Shoppe - Royal China, USA

Hi Dear Folk,

Isn't it fun to set a lovely dinner table, but how often do you have the time for it, because it does take time.  So here is a set I found which was discontinued by 1950.  I was going to say it is so very American, but actually Royal China, USA made two sets that I know of in the green, one Colonial Homestead and the other The Old Curiosity Shoppe.  Since the shades of green are similar and the style I mix and match the pieces I have. Also a Currier and Ives picture set in blue. Now looking on Replacement China I see that there are all sorts of wonderful pieces to the set.

Colonial Homestead by Royal. and The Old Curiosity Shoppe by Royal

My new cutlery set got put to use to carve the chicken, see above.

I do like the dinner plates for the Colonial Homestead aren't they lovely?  With the old hearth.  Do you see the little bowls with the bellows for the hearth and some small plates have spinning wheels on them?  I also have a set of cups and saucers which go with this.  All collected over time at the thrift.

The Boy on his way to the gym, anticipating a dinner to come.

So I served a traditional English roast chicken with stuffing and Yorkshire puds, you must have Yorkshire pudding.


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  1. I love your table settings.the colonial homestead set is lovely. Yes Yorkshires with roast is yummy


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