Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Two Girls by Pierre-August Renoir

Hi Dear Folk,

We had a sprinkling of snow last night but nothing much.

Mr. B. has these Magnepan speakers which are like panels at least six feet high. He bought them back in the eighties and they were not new then.  Since we bought them the price has gone up six fold.

The tweeters have needed to be replaced for at least the last fifteen years. So as an anniversary gift to him we decided to spend the money and send them back to Minnesota to be repaired.  And on shipping them back to us, guess what, yes they were dropped and damaged.  Now we have to sort all that out, and they were in pristine cosmetic condition and who knows whether they still work, so have to wire them all up and see what has happened to the inside.  Such is life in the Hi Fi world of my Boys.

I came home to find two early sixties speakers sequestered in my studio room, to make way for other speakers, which seem to come from the thrift and either get cleaned, repaired, used for a while and recycled on, or are kept for a later date.  These particular speakers with a hessian/linen type cloth screen at the front, very late fifties, early sixties, now sit on top the the book shelf between that and the ceiling.  I think they might be up to seven pairs of speakers and a giant sub woofer the size of a refrigerator.  It's nice they share a hobby together and speak the same lingo.

A Renoir from PMA.  Have to love those hats.

Hope your day is good.



  1. That is sad...I rmember those speakers...the sound was wonderful!

  2. Shame about the speakers. Paul used to take ages adjusting things to get the sound just right and I just wanted to listen to the record. Hope the speakers still work. I love that picture and the hats are amazing.


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