Wednesday, January 20, 2016

The Lighting of The Fire

Hi Dear Folk,

Another day at home, with a pounding head, runny nose and a wet tissue.  So I am appreciating light and heat.

Light and Heat the key essentials of winter that keep that cozy feeling in ones home.  Little creatures appreciate this, although maybe they're more into the heat than light.

After Tink died it seemed that Tuppy had a personality shift, as if she felt a need to step up to the plate and take the position vacated by Tink.  Spending more time around us and taking a great interest in all we do especially related to her comfort.  The clink of a cup on the saucer, denotes that milk will come out of the fridge.  The bringing up of wood from the basement, denoting the ritual of starting the fire in the wood stove.

Tuppy taking a great interest in the lighting of the stove, she's a very intense cat.  If anybody could levitate her dry food off the top of the fridge into her bowl, she could.  She sits on the very edge of the kitchen stool just looking at it, no doubt as to her meaning.  Since I bought her a new china cat bowl she can no longer bang it up and down like she used to with the plastic bowl.

You have to wonder what is on their mind.




  1. The fire and lamps look so cozy. Tuppy definitely has something going on in her mind. I hope you are better soon.

  2. Oh your blog does make me miss you so! I want to be there too! Sipping tea and happily talking away in front of the fire.

    1. That would be so nice, miss those times too.

  3. She is a beauty, lovely photos of her enjoying the fire.


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