Friday, January 22, 2016

Jourartlery Avez-Vous un Cuppa?

Hi Dear Folk,

Ideas where do they come from?  Well this was motivated by a Trader Joe's Tea Box and an old Brooke Bond tea add, which I think has stood the test of time forty five years and I still remember the tag line Avez-Vous un Cuppa. Now that's a good tag line.  Do you remember it?  It always made my dad laugh.  There were many adds done in that series including a take off on James Bond, Brooke Bond.

Worked in pastels and pens.

The cover of my first American edition Greengates and some quotes.

Worked in acrylics and pens.


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  1. That's very imaginative. Yes I do remember the advert and they were funny.


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