Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Spring Brook Crochet Collection

Hi Dear Folk,

I so love the colour of this yarn Spring Brook and it truly does remind me of a Spring Brook, I made this as a gift set.

I decided not to do the thumbs on the mittens but just leave them open.  I also changed the top with just a little Picot stitch on the top which I prefer to the design on the pattern.

All the above patterns are in Cute and Easy Crochet.

These mittens are in The Cool Girl's Guide to Crochet, both by Nicki Trench.



  1. The colours are beautiful! I love the set you made me and it gets lots of compliments.

  2. What beautiful pieces! I love the beanie hat, and hope that you gift it to a truly deserving recipient!

    1. Thank you, I enjoyed making them and I have seen her wearing them so think she truly appreciated them

  3. That color of yarn is beautiful, love your wonderful projects.


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