Wednesday, January 27, 2016

More Crochet Makes

Hi Dear Folk,

This cowl is simple, soft and easy to make, I will be making some more for gifts.

The name of this yarn is Plum Chutney, someone on that naming crew must be from the UK.  I like it made up far more than I did just on the ball.

This set too was made from the chenille type yarn, and is named Plum Fields, is soft and super warm.  Now I just need to crochet the other mitt.

I think this needs one more row but each shank of yarn was one round and I got the yarn on clearance so that is all I had and enough over to make a flower.  I think the colour of this yarn is called spice; it's like jumping into a rich fruit cake batter.



  1. The colours are so beautiful and I do like the names. Your creations are lovely and you make a good model!

  2. I particulary love the flower on the hat and scarf. So sweet!

  3. I think you are so adorable! The cowl is pretty cute too!

  4. What lovely cosy colours, you are clever! x


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