Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Weekend Walk On The Wild Side

Hi Dear Folk,

It has been a long weekend for me as I had off MLK day, but now is even longer because I'm home with a head cold.  I think The Boy brought it with him from Ithaca, then it went to Mr.B. so it was just a matter of time before it got to me.

On the weekend we got out for a family walk and then onto a Vietnamese Restaurant which The Boy found right in town here, and guess what they had Bahn me sandwiches.  I love these sandwiches, remember I had one when in Brooklyn, they are a fusion Vietnamese/French cuisine.  We will definitely go there again.

There are several entrances to the park on different sides we call this the top end, park the car walk by the dairy buildings and down this path to Stoney Creek.  I love the avenue of tree, it reminds me of the drive up to my old school Hadham Hall, although that was twice as long.

This made for such a good photo moment, lady with three huskies.

She said they are waiting for a good snow, when huskies of course come into their own.

My Boys,  Mr. B. wears this Nepalese hat that I bought for the boy years ago but he never wore it, and now Mr. B. wears it all the time and to be honest needs a new one.

Here I am standing on the path down to the creek.  We didn't go all the way because The Boy had not put on appropriate walking attire even though his mother told him to.  The cowl I made, I'm just trying it out, made with a chenille type yarn and I think I will definitely make some more of these in different colors for gifts.  My Irish Aran hat and mitt set a gift from a friend and my alpaca jumper, which is so warm and was a brand new find at a consignment shop originally sold for $300.00, I would never pay that, try 10% of that plus a discount.

Natures tree decorations.

One of my favourite views to the old dairy.  They have the long milking room which they recently put in all new windows, it's empty, but I think it would make a lovely building for afternoon teas or wedding receptions, it has views down across the fields.

Lots of deer in the park.

Our weekend walk on the wild side.

So here I am on the sofa , medicated up, with a cuppa, BBC 4 is playing and the fire.  Hope I feel better tomorrow morning or my work will pile up.



  1. Hope your cold is better. I wish you could bring one of those sandwiches over for me. I will have to see if anywhere near here does them. Your walk was lovely and you look smart and cozy in your winter gear. The cowl goes really well with your jumper.

  2. Hope you feel better soon Christy. I love seeing your pictures and your happy face. Aren't hose huskies lovely looking dogs.

  3. I hope you are better soon. I just now am feeling better. I think it takes a bit longer now that Im older. I love your cowl. I miss walks as all my walking partners are all over the world. Thinking of you!


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