Thursday, January 14, 2016


Hi Dear Folk,

I treated myself to this set of pens by Sakura, they flow very easily and there are others I have my eye on.  My fountain pens have all been gathered together and put in the Canadian tin with the Mountie on it.  Fountain pens need to be loved all the time and do not like sitting cast away in a lonely drawer for long periods of time, so they are protesting at being brought out to see the light again.  Two are protesting a little less than the others, but interestingly they have a different style nib.

When I was about ten: even back then I had a total appreciation for very good pens: I was given an expensive Parker pen.  It was found by a friend of my father's who was a porter on the railway and his name too happened to be Porter.  In any case it was black and had a gold nib.  Unfortunately no top and I had to keep it in a plastic bag in my pencil case, but it was a great pen and I loved that pen.  Can't remember what happened to it, but I know I had it for several terms at school.

So eventually I decided on the Japanese print book to turn into my art journal.  It has art pictures already in there and I think I will just work around them because they are rather nice. I'm calling it my Jour n art lery. Of course "jour" is French for day, and "die" is the Latin for day, the beginning of the words journal and diary, but I do not have the time for journartlery on a daily basis,

It is very interesting because you have to find your own style and I think I am more of a words person.  I'm going to keep going and see where it leads me creatively, tap the other side of my brain.

These pages I washed in gesso, it fades out what is underneath and gives you a good surface to adhere to.

Gesso (Italian pronunciation: [ˈdʒɛsso]; "chalk", from the Latin: gypsum, from Greek: γύψος) is a white paint mixture consisting of a binder mixed with chalk, gypsum, pigment, or any combination of these.

I noticed that others too are taking up art journals this year, so should be fun for us all.

Take care,


  1. I used to love my fountain pens when I was at school. Biros were absolutely forbidden. I'd not heard of art journals so just looked it up. Seems you don't have to be able to draw. I will be interested to see how yours develops.

  2. I love Jean's comment: "Seems you have to be able to draw." Well, that is a problem for me...I can't draw. Well, I can but it is not so good. You did a lovely job and I look forward to seeing more!


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